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Organic Carpet Cleaning

Organic Carpet Cleaning provides environmentally friendly green carpet cleaning services to California residents and commercial businesses. We use low moisture hot water extraction, also known as dry steam cleaning. Although no steam is actually used, it's known as steam cleaning because of how hot our truck-mounted and commercial-grade portable units heat the water. It's the only way to thoroughly clean your carpet and get rid of allergens, mold and bacterial growth.

Low moisture hot water extraction works very much like the standard hot water extraction. The way it works is that hot water is mixed with cleaning agents and injected into your carpet pile to lift the dirt, spots and stains that settle deep into your carpet fiber and backing. The difference is that the water is injected into the carpet fiber at a much lower pressure and much less water is used in the process. The carpet is then agitated and all the dirt and cleaning agents are then extracted by suction. The wastewater is transported to the truck tank or portable tank for disposal, and there is a lot less waterwater for us to dispose of because we use a lot less water with the low moisture hot water extractin process than what's used in standard hot water extraction.

Low moisture hot water extraction provides all the benefits of the hot water extraction method that most carpet manufacturers and carpet fiber producers recommend. However, because there is so much less water used in this revolutionary process, it is considered an environmentally friendly, organic way to do organic carpet cleaning. And, your carpets dry a lot faster. Standard hot water extraction methods require six hours or more of drying time, oftentimes requiring up to 24 hours! Our Low-Moisture system completely dries within a few short hours, or less.

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In addition to using the most effective and environmentally friendly method of cleaning, Organic Carpet Cleaning also uses biodegradeable, organic cleaning products when performing your organic carpet cleaning. For more stubborn spots and stains, we may have to use a shampoo, but we typically use all green products for organic carpet cleaning of both residences and commercial business offices. The method Organic Carpet Cleaning uses in performing organic carpet cleaning and the cleaning agents we use are not only environmentally friendly, but also safe for all people, including allergy sufferers, people with asthma, the elderly, small children and people with chronic respiratory illnesses as well as for pets and even house plants.

HWhy is it important to have organic carpet cleaning done professionally?

Dry soils typically comprise about 80% of the total soil found in a carpet. Most dry soil is removed with regular routine vacuuming. Oily and sticky soils make up the other 20% of the dirt in carpets. These soils attract and hold dry soils, which diminishes the appearance of your carpets and causes premature wear and damage through abrasion. Professional organic carpet cleaning, using low moisture hot water extraction and our non-toxic cleaning agents, extracts the deep-down dirt in your carpeting leaving nice, fresh, clean carpets that are odor-free.

According to the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration (IIRC), you should have your carpets professionally cleaned at least once every two years. But, you may need to have them cleaned more often depending on how much foot traffic your carpeting receives and whether or not you have pets, smokers, small children, elderly people, allergy sufferers or asthma sufferers occupying your home or building. The chart below taken from the IICRC Reference Guide for Professional Carpet Cleaning will provide a guideline on how often you should have your organic carpet cleaning done.

Residential Carpet Cleaning Frequency Chart
Traffic Soil Rating Carpet Owner / Maintainer Professional Carpet Cleaner / Restorer
Vacuuming Spot Cleaning Heavy-Use Area Cleaning Restorative Cleaning
Light Soil 1x per week Daily or as soon as spots are noticed. Traffic areas every 12 to 18 months. Every 2 years or per manufacturer warranty.
Normal Soil (families with children, elderly) 1 to 2x per week Daily or as soon as spots are noticed. Traffic areas every 6 to 12 months Annually
Heavy Soil (family with pets, smoking) 2 to 4x per week Daily or as soon as spots are noticed. Traffic areas every 3 to 6 months Semi-Annually (2x annually)
Extreme Conditions (large families, multiple pets) Daily Daily or as soon as spots are noticed. Traffic areas every 2 to 3 months Quarterly (4x annually)

Don't take any chances with your health or with that of your family or building occupants. Go green, help the environment and make the nextcarpet cleaning you get an ORGANIC carpet cleaning. Call Organic Carpet Cleaning at (805) 824-0902 or complete the form on this page to request a free estimate.

Our experienced and certified technicians will provide prompt, courteous service. If you're trying us out for the first time, be sure to visit our coupons page for a valuable coupon. Organic Carpet Cleaning is so certain that you'll be satisfied that we guarantee our work. If you see any spots or stains resurface within 30 days, call us back. We'll take care of it quickly--no questions asked. But, we're certain that the next time you call will be to request our services again. Organic Carpet Cleaning is not just well known for providing excellent organic carpet cleaning, we also provide these other services for California residential and business clients:

  • Bay Area Organic Area Rug Cleaning
  • Bay Area Organic Teflon® Carpet Protector
  • Bay Area Organic Upholstery Cleaning
  • Bay Area Organic Mattress Cleaning
  • Bay Area Organic RV Upholstery Cleaning & Bay Area Organic RV Carpet Cleaning
  • Bay Area Organic Water Damage Restoration
  • Bay Area Organic Drapery Cleaning
  • Bay Area Organic Pet Stain Removal
  • Bay Area Organic Tile/Grout Cleaning
  • Bay Area Organic Air Duct Cleaning
  • Bay Area Organic Boat Upholstery Cleaning & Bay Area Organic Boat Carpet Cleaning
  • Bay Area Organic Fire Damage Restoration

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